Sunday, May 21, 2017

Busy days

It has been quite a while since I have posted an update here. We continue to be busy at Lucky 17 Farms. Over the fall and winter and into the spring we have had numerous activities. After cross country season was over the boys settled into school schedules and we continued to repair the house. We have cleaned the floors on the second floor and are beginning to move into the bedrooms. We have had our porches repaired and now they stand strong and straight again. Below are a few pictures of our activities.

 I have been working on my English paper piece quilt. Just a few more inches in length and about thirty more inches in width and I will have it completed.  
We scraped and painted the porches-- they look fresh and crisp after so many years of neglect.

We have seen many different animals not found in the suburbs... badgers, coyotes, owls, hawks, and numerous turkeys. This gang of turkeys was crossing the road-- I had to laugh at their expectation that we would stop and allow them to finish crossing.

I knitted scarves for the boys, finally mastering the pearl stitch. It can be difficult to learn how to knit as a "lefty" when all of my knitting friends are "righties."

Finally, this spring began and so did the soccer season. Arliss played in the midfield positions and did very well.

We attended a livestock auction not far from our farm and enjoyed checking out all the animals. Many of these pigs were from the University of Nebraska agriculture program.

This very large buck was also available at the auction. He was a whopping 215 pounds.

We bought this goat, named Duke, to help our herd grow. He is sweet in demeanor and loves to have his head scratched between his horns.

Image may contain: cat The new litter of kittens has been born, so sweet and soft to hold.

Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature  The goats continue to graze in the trees, helping to clear out some of the overgrowth.

Image may contain: bird and outdoorWe have added ducks to our critter crew as well. Unfortunately, the cold weather has done a number on them and we have lost a few. But the "survivors" are growing quite well.

We are now preparing for Travis to graduate high school next week and get ready for college in the fall. Arliss will be working with kids at a summer camp and dear hubby and I will continue to work at our farm- making it more and more into the place of our dreams.

Sending love and brisk spring kisses from the farm,

Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day weekend

This weekend has been a busy one. Saturday morning we woke and prepared for Travis and Arliss' cross country meet- the first one of the season. 

When we returned from town we continued canning things from the garden. 

Sunday was church of course, then the grocery store and farm store for feed for the goats, chickens, and dogs. 

Mulberry/ rhubarb jelly


Stewed tomatoes 

Monday we continued with work inside and outside, including processing a few chickens and cutting the grass. 

My cellar pantry is slowly filling up
A little loving from the goats 

Finally, all work completed, dinner finished, and the dishes done, I am settling down for the evening. I hope your weekend was enjoyable, like mine.

Sending love and tired, but satisfied kisses from the farm, 

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Our garden was a bit hit or miss this year. But we have corn, squash, pumpkins, cucumbers, peas, beets, cabbage, and lots! of tomatoes. 

Today I cooked about eight pie-pumpkins, a half dozen butternut squash, and a dozen ears of corn to put up in the freezer. 

The animals have loved munching on the husks, skins, and seeds as I worked through our bounty. 

I imagined how it must have been generations ago as wives put up their vegetables for the fall and winter. My grandmother and great-grandmother worked side by side on the farm filling their pantries with the colors of summer.

 I never had that privilege as great-grandma died when I was almost four and I never understood the blessing of my gentle grandma in the kitchen until I was a mother on my own a thousand miles away. 

So here's to the women who helped feed their families so many years ago and to the ones who continue to do the work today. 

Sending love and squash-flavored kisses from the farm
oxoxox xoxoxoxox 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Summertime, summertime

I Sunrises, kittens, goats and chickens have filled out days. The house work has stalled as the days have been too hot to do work or too short to finish work begun. So we've been working in the yard, weeding the garden, and planning.

Arliss on the granary 

One of the new kittens trying to get into the house- a big no-no

Callie girl, Stinky Pete, and One-eyed Jack

Squash waiting for the next meal

Travis bringing out a doeling 

The same doeling getting caught in the fencing

Our neighbor added four more kittens so the count is up to ten. So precious and fun to watch their antics.
 Hope all is well with you and yours.

Sending love from the farm,

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Early morning

On a farm there isn't the option to sleep in. Sure you may sleep an hour later than normal- but that means you're up at 6 a.m. instead of 5 a.m. 

I took a walk after the animals were fed to pick some wildflowers while it was still cool outside. 

The breeze past my ears reminded me of summers in the mountains of New Mexico- strong, fresh, and sweet. 
The birds chirping and calling out their songs was all I could hear. 

The mulberries are ripening and soon our fridge and freezer will be full of them for smoothies, pies, and jellies. 

Hope your Saturday is full of sweetness and wonder.

Love from the farm, 
oxoxo xoxoxoxox 

Saturday, April 16, 2016

My day so far...

You know the saying about, snakes, snails and puppy dog tails? Well that is a close description of my morning. 

New tom-cats have been sighted -- hungry for attention and food. 

I went to the basement/cellar to find something and found a baby snake. The chickens were grateful and I was grateful for the chickens. 

A toad was hanging out by the garden hose. The same kind we had at our farm in Illinois.

The sunrise this morning was so worth getting an hour less sleep to start my day.  

How was your morning?

Sending love and critter kisses from the farm, 

oxoxo xoxoxoxox 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

spring is coming

the fields are covered and so mesmerizing
Finally, we have had a change in the weather, no longer bundled under blankets at night, we sleep with windows and screen doors open.  The house continues to show progress which helps with the sense "never-ending" work we often face.

such a pretty face
More rooms are being painted upstairs, which means soon we will be working on the wood floors. Travis has confirmed that the wood throughout the house is fir, it is durable, but still needs love to fully restore the wood after 100 years of use. We plan to rent a sander and then coat the floors with a polyurethane so that the richness of the wood comes through.

dear hubby with the goats
It's funny to me how much my dear hubby and I are on the same page with the house. We always wanted a place with space, wood floors, character, and durability.  Our home fills all those hopes and then some.

Arliss has asked that we paint his walls white in his room so that he can sketch on them. We like the idea and plan paint them all white. I look forward to seeing what he sketches on them.

Travis has been working on his room, painting when he gets "bored" with the other work in the house. He will have only a year in the room before he goes off to college and I know he is preparing for a place of his own after our nomadic experience these past two years.

The lilacs are starting to bloom and the violets too. The fields around us are covered with purple flowers, it is such a pretty sight. The goats are busy eating all the dandelions so I am hoping to see fewer of them during the summer.

who knew that "brown eggs" could be so pretty
Stinky Pete (the calico barn kitten from last summer) and Grey Girl, the two female cats, are due with kittens in about 4 weeks and continue to grow wider every day.  We have over 3 dozen eggs in the incubator and I hope to have the first chicks around May 1st.

Everyday is a blessing at Lucky 17 Farms and I am so grateful to my menfolk for their company on this journey.

Sending love and sweet kisses from the farm,