Thursday, August 26, 2010

Critters, cows, and creativity

So, as I have mentioned I have 2 boys.  My youngest, "Arliss," is a true animal nut.  He loves any and all critters, no matter if they have fur, scales, or slimy skin.
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Frog IN my windows
A few mornings ago I heard Arliss call me to see a frog on the front picture window.  I came to find a beautiful frog colored like lichen--all of the greens and blues would have made him blend in well in the forest.  My front window is not the forest.  Then I noticed that the frog was not on the outside of the window, it was on the INSIDE between the storm window and the regular window.  How it got there, I couldn't tell you.  I knew there was a small gap at the top of the window between the two windows and figured if it got in it could get out.
Our brittany dog kept watch over the frog (our dog will track ANYTHING that moves).  Throughout the day the frog would jump from one windowpane to another and eventually it disappeared.  I figured it got out.  I was wrong.  The frog was on the sill between the windows and it didn't look like it was moving.  The boys, Arliss and even "Travis," our oldest,  were concerned that the frog would die in there.  What's a mom to do???  I took 2 standard screwdrivers that were about 8 inches long and went outside to see what I could do.  I managed to loosen the storm window from the house and took one of the screwdrivers to coax the frog out.  The frog dropped into the hosta below.  I quickly put the window back and got some water for the frog.  After I poured the water on the frog it seemed to perk up.  HOORAY for the animal wrangler.  Little did I know my day as a wrangler was not over yet.
That evening the sunset was amazing.  I am a sucker for nature pictures and immediately went outside to take some pics of the ever changing sky.  I took a short walk to pick some of the goldenrod growing across the road.  Turning toward the hay field I was startled to see half a dozen of our cattle in the field taking an evening stroll.  The hay field is not fenced in, the cattle had made a break for it...
I started to walk toward the cattle, slowly, I knew better than to rush them.  I called the family that takes care of cattle and told them what had happened.  In the meantime I continued to slowly walk toward the cattle.
A few minutes later the cattle turned and ran back toward the break in the fence, every cow went back in the way they came out. HOORAY again!  A few minutes after the cows were in the cavalry arrived to fix the fence and check that all the cattle were there.
Arliss and Travis were psyched to know that the cows had gotten out and were now back safe in the barnyard.  What a day... I love living here,  one never knows what to expect.

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