Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Visits

Today is Sunday.  We went to church and then out to lunch, running into old friends at the restaurant.  It was great to see them and it started me thinking.  What happened to Sunday Visiting?  You know the tradition of going to visit friends or family after church and sharing a cup of coffee or tea and some coffee cake and spending time with them.
I remember my maternal grandmother telling stories of Sunday visits that she would make with her mom and siblings.  My great-grandmother was quite a lady, literally, and she made it a point to make sure others knew they mattered.  On Sundays after church my great-grandmother, Marie, would go to the home of someone the family knew, or maybe a family member's home to visit.  My grandmother, Loraine, was the third child, second daughter, in a family of five children.  The children would enter the home and sit on the couch (davenport as it was called then) and be respectfully quiet while their mother chatted with the hostess.
Occasionally, the children were offered a treat of some kind and then they were allowed to only take one piece of whatever it was, say thank you, and then resume their quiet sitting.
My great-grandmother actually practiced this with her five children.  Great-grandma would buy a candy bar and then cut it into five pieces, each one a bit larger than the other.  One of the children would then  serve his or her siblings.  The training was so that the children would know to take the smallest portion of whatever was offered.  Finally, when everyone was served, the server would get the last and biggest piece.  You can imagine that the children would hope they could be the server.

I often think about the family who first owned this farm.  Did they have people over for Sunday visits?  Did they use the front room as a parlor for visitors?  What was it like to live here nearly 100 years ago?

In today's busy world of RUSH I think this natural pause in the week has been lost.  Sure we keep in contact with Facebook, e-mail, texting, voice-mails, Twitter, even blogs--but when was the last time you stopped and made time to visit with a friend?  I don't get to do this on Sundays but I do strive to visit with friends on Saturdays.
Two childhood friends and I would rotate one Saturday a month at each other's homes.   We'd bring our children to play together while we would sit at the kitchen table and drink coffee.  It was the time we took to stop everything else to say that our friendship mattered.  We'd try different homemade goodies, share photos of our latest experience, or our most recent craft accomplishment.  We could be there for five hours or more and think it was only two hours many times.

I know that LIFE will not stop to allow time for a visit with dear friends.  I, for one, want to take a page from my great-grandmother's life.  I want to MAKE time for those I love.  When I die it won't matter to me if I spent hours and hours at work-whatever work may be.  It WILL matter to me if I took the time to show others how precious they were to me.  I challenge you to do the same.

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