Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tom and Huck

The kitchen sink is under two windows that look toward our barn.  I love washing the dishes by hand, setting them to dry in the dish rack.  There is something simple, wholesome, and even sacred about doing dishes this way.  I remember doing dishes in my grandmother's kitchen when I visited.  She had a large dish pan, an aluminum bowl actually, that she would use and then discard the dishwater outside when she was done.  Doing dishes this way makes me smile, it is like therapy to me. 
One morning while doing the dishes I happened to see my two sons, ages 10 and 11, walking side by side, each with his BB gun slung over his shoulder, heads leaning in conspiratorially toward each other.  They were walking toward the lane that goes behind the barn and toward the fields.  I don't know what was shared, but it made my heart happy to see them this way. 
We live on 160 acres, with 40 of it wooded, complete with a pond.  My youngest son, has a bit of Arliss from Old Yeller in him.  If there is an animal to catch he will try to do it.  We seem to be over run with toads, frogs, salamanders, and the occasional garter snake.  I often have to remind him to let the animals "be" and not try to keep them all. "But Mom, I just want to hold it for awhile." I often hear as a response.
The eldest, who sometimes thinks he is 16 instead of almost 12, has been known to disappear and explore yet another place that only a boy would want to discover.  
I often think about what it would have been like to have a girl.  I am grateful for the nieces I have, but all in all, I am blessed to be the mom of boys, even if they seem to possess bits of Mark Twain's rascals....
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Arliss and Travis off to explore the woods

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