Sunday, September 5, 2010

Arliss and Travis (Tom and Huck) part 2

Yesterday was another early fall, blustery day here in the Midwest.  I loved it because it was also laundry day.  My clothes flapped like a woman's handkerchief waving farewell at a train station.  It was glorious to have on a flannel shirt and jeans.
I looked over to see Arliss laying long, dead branches one on top of the other.  He had an old jump rope that he was using to tie them up into something.  I asked him what he was doing; his reply?  "Building a wall-ish sort of thing."  I hid my laughter and continued to hang laundry.
In the afternoon we went to our old house, about an hour away, to cut the grass and gather a few more things to bring to the farm.  The boys successfully cut down the huge swing rope using a step ladder and a dull pocket knife.  I appreciated the cooperation they had and went about my work.

Today before church, I looked outside to see Arliss and Travis climbing the pine trees, typical boy behavior.  The boys had taken the swing rope and tied it onto the pine trees fashioning a hammock style swing, a climbing rope to access higher parts of the tree, whatever they needed it to be at the time.
I had to smile.  My brother and I often created forts and such as children.  We had a jungle gym shaped like a rocket ship that stood over 6 ft. tall that became the focus of many adventures.  Our dad made us tree-houses in the backyard of every house we ever lived in.  The tree-houses had two floors, or a crows' nest, or some other special characteristic.
On a farm there are many old growth trees that just "beg" to be made into forts and the like.  I cannot wait to see what the boys create next.

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