Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dogs and Lilac Bushes

My son woke me up yesterday with this statement, "Mom, Rufus [our lab] made a mess in the kennel.  I cleaned it up but you'll have to wash the dog."  Hmmm.  Not the best way to start a day.

My husband helped me move the 6 ft. x 10 ft. kennel onto the sidewalk and I put the two dogs inside it.  I figure if you're going to wash one dog, it's just as easy to wash both.  For a lab, Rufus sure didn't seem to like the water, could be that it was because the well water was cold.  Anyway, after washing Rufus, I washed Rover, our Brittany.  Rover took it like a man, well, like a dog.  He loves water, although he didn't like the cold water on his belly.
After the dogs were cleaned I started clearing the lilac bush in the front yard.  I love lilac bushes, they are one of the classic plants/shrubs that "belong" on a farm.  However, this lilac bush blocked the view of the road as a person pulled out off the driveway.  It was also a rogue bush that was borderline feral, so it was time for the bush to go.
Since we have just recently moved from the suburbs to the farm, my tool supply hasn't adapted to farm life.  After searching in the shed, I found an old saw that belonged to my grandfather.  It wasn't as sharp as it could be, but it would have to do.  I had a shovel, some work gloves my dad had given me, and determination.  After six hours of sawing and pulling I had cleared the bush of all but a few stubborn roots.   I  took my trusty shovel and dug deep to loosen one of the root sections. SNAP!!  My shovel handle broke in two.  Must be time to quit for the day.   I didn't get rid of the shovel parts, I intend to repair or replace the handle.  The shovel still works, I  just need to use it more like an over grown hand shovel instead of its original purpose.
While tearing out the lilac bush I found two renegade berry bushes.  I think they are in the raspberry family, I hope they are at least.   The berry bushes were transplanted into an old strawberry patch.  If they survive the winter I will find out what they are in the spring.

After six hours of sawing, pulling, digging, and tearing my burn pile stood nearly 5 ft. x 5ft.   My arms had scratches all over, like I fought a mad cat and lost.  Now the view of the road is clear,  I have two mystery berry bushes, and a few transplanted shoots from the lilac bushes.  I have officially marked off one thing from my To-Do list.
Next on my list is to create my "dream garden" list of vegetables for the spring.  I have the area figured out in my head,  it's just a matter of figuring out what I want to plant.  Spring is just six months away you know.

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