Sunday, September 12, 2010

Farming Books I've Been Reading

My dear neighbor, Mrs. H., recommended going to the town's library to look for some books on farming.  I took her advice and found the best selection for a beginning farmer.  I thought I would recommend a few for you to peruse.  You might get inspiration for your own patch of Heaven.

1. Herb Gardening for the Midwest  by Debra Knapke and Laura Peters, from Lone Pine Publishing International.  I found a number of herbs that I would like to grow in my garden next year.  The page layout made it easy to know how the herbs could be used, how to harvest and process the herb, as well as other needed points.  I am putting this on my wish list.

2. 1,001 Old-Time Garden Tips   compiled by Roger Yepsen, Editor, from Rodale Press, Inc.  This book reminds me of the Foxfire book series, full of wisdom and information that will help a gardener understand the ins and outs of gardening and caring for the plants they grow.  The book brings together gardening wisdom from the 17th century through today,  I loved it!  It is from the publishers of Organic Gardening magazine.

3. Hobby Farm; Living your rural dream for pleasure and profit. by Carol Ekarius.  This book is from BOWTIE Press,  the publishers of Hobby Farm magazine.  The book addresses farming with honesty and truth.  Farming isn't just the simple life, it's also a hard life.  I enjoyed the balanced look of what life is really like on a farm.

4.Country Life; a Handbook for Realists and Dreamers. by Paul Heiney, from DK Publishers.   Country Life is an intensive look at how to select animals for raising, how to rotate crops to get the best yields, day to day maintenance on tractors, anything you could imagine.  I wasn't overwhelmed by the information due to a smart layout design--very helpful when you aren't sure what you are looking for or how to find it.

I am grateful for Mrs. H's suggestion.  I wish I owned the books, hopefully I will soon.  In the meantime they just may be the most checked out books at our town library.

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