Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Things that are simple but amazing

So my most amazing husband and I finished making the jelly with our wild grapes.  We canned 5 pints of jelly. I am excited that it worked out so well because now I will be getting more grapes.  I went to the Goodwill store nearby and bought a basket that will be perfect for gathering eggs or more grapes or even bringing in vegetables from the future garden.  I love Goodwill, so many options at such small prices.  I was able to get a lampshade for only $2.00 and it fits the lamp perfectly.
Today must be that kind of a day.  I got a pair of overalls last spring, unfortunately they were a little snug.  Well after walking behind a push mower all summer and doing other work around the farm I tried them on and found that they fit perfectly!!!  YIPPEE for me.
For almost  a week now the wind has been blowing and bringing in the first tastes of fall.  I am love the fall, it isn't like spring or summer or even winter.  It has it's own colors, smells, flavors (think pumpkin pie and turkey with cranberries).  Fall marks the beginning of a new school year, the holidays are getting closer,  the opportunity to make fires in the fireplace for the first time,  all of these things make me excited.

The more I am here at the farm the more I want to live simply.  Hard work that shows you really did something--that's the kind of stuff I have always liked.  Must be all those weekends my parents (read father) had us working in the yard, scraping the garage before we painted it, building or rebuilding something, that rubbed off on me.
I would rather do work in the yard than most anything else...who would have thought it.

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