Thursday, October 21, 2010

New in Town

We've been here at the farm for about four months but I haven't taken the opportunity to just drive around and get my bearings.  Today while the boys were in school I drove to the Goodwill nearby and found some books on quilting, perennials, bird identification, and a couple other "home/craft" books.  I was excited to find them and only pay between $.50-$1.80 for each book.
On my way home, I went by a quilting store and decided to stop in.  I was immediately welcomed by the staff who gave me some suggestions to try as a beginning quilter.  I found a card for the local quilters' guild and had my name put on the contact list for the quilting class that will start in a few months.  I look forward to learning how to quilt from others who are more advanced than I am.
I finally went to the Village Hall to get some "official" information about our new town.  I was given a village newsletter and directions to the Chamber of Commerce offices where I could get even more information about my town.
Turning onto the road that goes through town I turned right, only to find that I had gone to the Park District offices, not the Chamber of Commerce like I wanted.  A nice gentleman at the Park District gave me directions,  I was less than a quarter mile from where I wanted to go.
After I told the lady at the counter that I was new in town she gave me a "Welcome bag" full of advertisements and coupons for the area businesses.  I now have a bag of goodies that include church brochures, insurance information, coupons for restaurants, hair salons, and the like.
I wish I had thought of going to the Chamber of Commerce when we first arrived, I could have used some of the coupons already.
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A new home brings a new perspective each morning.

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