Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Week in the Life

A sampling of our work
My husband, Andrew, and I have canned from Tuesday through Friday.  It has been a long, tedious, exhausting, and satisfying process.  We have grape jelly, sweet peach jam, spiced pear jam, hot salsa,  sweet pickle relish, dill pickle relish, beet relish, stewed tomatoes, pickled beets, and pickled sweet peppers all put up for the winter.

I cut the grass here on Thursday.  It has been cool enough here that it had been 3 weeks since I last cut it.  I am hoping this will be the last time I cut it this year.  Maybe next year I will have a riding lawn mower that works, we'll have to wait and see.

Our town has a used book store and I finally took in the books in that I wanted to donate.  I get store credit that covers half of the book price so I used it to buy The Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke, the author of the Inkheart series, and The Last of the Plainsmen by Zane Grey.
My cousin was kind enough to lend me some running clothes and I found them in a box still unpacked from the move.  I ran into the post office; a two person counter, with sweet ladies who take the time to talk with you, not just process your mail. I mailed off the clothes and a note to give an update on how we are doing.
My next stop was the library to return the farming books I mentioned in a previous post.  I checked out some movies for Arliss and Travis, and classic black and whites for me.  The library has a used book corner that sells books for cheap prices and I walked away with a copy of The Odyssey, by Homer.  It is one I read in college, but would like to give it another look without the stress of a paper to write in the end.
A friend had minor surgery this week so I went to sit with her for a while, taking along my craft bag of crochet and cross stitch.  She showed me her octagon quilt piece and the new paint job in her bedroom.  Her decorating style has evolved over the past 20 years and is presently channeling a Tuscan villa.  I love what she has done.
I went by a farm that was having an estate sale.  I will give it a separate post, but I did buy two old hymnals, one dated 1928, for $1.50.
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Today I cleaned the wood floors, hung laundry out to dry (it's wickedly windy here today), and put away the unused, but clean, canning jars.  The weather is officially getting colder so I took out the screen from the front screen door and put in the storm window.  Just another sign of changing seasons.

Our dear Mr. H. came by this week and shared his crop of pumpkins and gourds.  We now have 6 large pumpkins and over 20 different gourds, including one that looks like a goose neck that can be dried and made into a birdhouse.  Arliss an Travis immediately took it when they heard it could be a birdhouse.   Mr. H. mentioned that he still had hot peppers to be picked.  He asked if we'd be interested so I sent the boys over to pick some today.  They came back with a full bushel basket of peppers; bell, jalapeno, habenero, and others.  Travis said, "We'll be eating mexican food until we die."
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I still have more work today, cutting the grass at our old house and visiting my folks.  Our dogs are sound asleep on the couch, looks inviting, but the sun's still up.  Tomorrow is Sunday, a day of rest I intend to enjoy before a new week begins.

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