Monday, December 27, 2010

A Day With the Menfolk

Today my love announced that we were going shopping.  Our family has been hanging around the house for the past few days and we needed to break out.
The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl [Book]Arliss and Travis had some Christmas money to spend and we wanted to get a few things as well.   Our favorite shopping place begins with a W so we hit there first.  After-season shopping is a tradition.  We've found new dishes, candles, candy, tablecloths, you name it, in the clearance aisles.   This year we found four-wick pine candles that really smell like pine, not that fake wanna-be stuff.  My husband is originally from Colorado, he only wants "real" pine.  My big find was The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook.  The Pioneer Woman is one of my favorite websites to visit.  Her cookbook is full of real recipes; not ones full of boxes and cans, but recipes with a cup of this and a teaspoon of that.  I started to read it while we drove to the next store.

The next place we went to was Farm and Fleet; my husband had a late Christmas present in mind for me.  I love Farm and Fleet.  As we walked inside two farmers were leaning against a display catching up with each other.  " So,  did you get that land you put a bid on?"
"Well, no we didn't.  I put a bid of..."
Carhartt Denim Bib Overall / UnlinedAndrew walked straight to the jeans section and stopped in front of the overalls.  Turning he smiled, "So, what's your size in men's?"  We found a pair that works, with the kind of pockets I like.  I prefer the bib to have a large single pocket.  We walked around the store and found a few more goodies.  Andrew found a Farmer's Almanac calendar for me, as well as my favorite red-raspberry candies.  I love red raspberries, they are my favorite fruit of all time.   God could have stopped with red raspberries, oranges, and maybe blueberries.

Anyway.  After our last store it was time to eat.  We found a restaurant called The Machine Shed--think Cracker Barrel with a farming slant.  The lights hung from the ceiling by yokes that once held horses. There were blacksmithing tools hanging on the walls.
Poland-China pig Clipart  On the wall by our booth was a picture of a Poland China Sow, dated 1910.  We spent our time trying to guess just how much this "Lard Brand" sow weighed.  If you can find a Machine Shed restaurant I highly recommend it, the food was amazing.  Arliss and Travis devoured the ribs and I ate most of my chicken-fried steak.  Andrew surprised us all and ordered two 32 ounce root beer floats.  We ate as much as we could and brought home the left-overs.

After coming home I started putting away all of our new treasures and put on my new overalls.  They fit like a glove, Andrew made sure I had all of my tags removed,  I have no desire to look like Minnie Pearl.

It has been a good day.  I always enjoy doing errands with my menfolk.  It makes it even more fun when we find goodies to bring home along the way.  

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