Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just Another Day

Today began with sleeping in.  Andrew and I stayed up too late watching catch-up episodes of some of our favorite shows.  Once he left for work I ran into town to drop off some donations at our towns re-sale shop.  I love taking stuff there.  The staff is kind and always has a moment to share small talk.
When I brought in my couple of boxes one of the ladies came over to take them.
"Are they heavy?"
"No, it isn't heavy," I said, as I handed the boxes to her.
"Yes they are!" I quickly helped her put them on the ground near a sorting table.
"Sorry,  I didn't think they were that heavy."
Another staff member came toward us, "Don't worry about her," she said with a smile.
"Oh, I forget that sometimes I lift more than others without thinking about it."  My family has a nickname for me, Powerful Katrina, a nickname from my grandfather.  He first called my mom Powerful Katrina, eventually I took on the moniker.
I thanked the ladies and returned home.  Here is the view I had as I drove up:Item Thumbnail 

I never seem to get tired of looking at the farm as I drive home.  My phone doesn't have the ability to take the shots my eyes see.  The sun was shining behind the barn, illuminating the snow on the tin roofs.  The red paint on the outside of the buildings stood out in sharp contrast.  I could have stayed on the side of the road for a long time looking at the property.  There is something about coming home, it settles my spirit, bringing instant contentment.

Item Thumbnail
Some of our pine trees near the house.
 For dinner tonight I made an amazing meal.  I took chicken breasts and cut them into chunks, cooking them in a bit of olive oil and butter.  I put a tablespoon of Mrs. Dash's original blend and some salt and pepper in with the chicken.  After the chicken had cooked a while I added a 1/4 cup of red wine, some caramelized onions and baby carrots from a previous meal.  I let that cook over medium heat and turned to the potatoes I was boiling.  I used The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook I just bought for the mashed potatoes.  I put in butter, salt, pepper, and about 2/3 cup of sour cream.  (I didn't have the cream cheese she had in her recipe).  I loved the heartiness and simplicity of what I made.  Sara Lee's Banana Cake was our dessert.  Sara Lee's Banana Cake is my ALL TIME favorite cake-ever!!  My grandparents' house was near Sara Lee and we could smell all of the baking goodies during the summer--yum!

Item Thumbnail
Look how creamy my potatoes are!!
I can't wait to find more goodies in my new cookbook.  In the meantime, I will enjoy my banana cake.

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  1. That looks so good! Try adding Sweetened Condensed Milk to mashed potatoes also. Susan does that with hers and they are really good!