Monday, December 20, 2010

O Little Town of Smallville

Item ThumbnailItem ThumbnailToday I put together our goodie packages to mail to family far away.  After packing up ginger snaps, sugar cookies, cardamom coffee cake, carmel corn, peanut brittle, and caramels, into the various boxes we were off to the post office.

Item ThumbnailOur post office, as I mentioned before is a 2 person window.  My husband dropped me off at the door and circled the block for a parking place.  The line parted allowing me to come into the building.  At least 15 people were waiting patiently for their turn to drop off packages and letters.  I smiled at those in line and began listening to the conversations.

"You know, there is a post office in A-------------."
"I know, but a friend just texted me that she waited in line for 45 minutes.  So much for the larger post office being faster."
"Yeah, you won't wait 45 minutes here.  Maybe 15 at the most."

Another person came in and saw my arms full of packages, "I'm sorry, I didn't bring a table for you to put your boxes on while you wait."
"That's okay.  I don't mind holding it."  I smiled at the older woman.  She had soft blue eyes like my grandmother's.

"Mom,  are Ty and I the only two children in line," asked a precocious four year old.
"Yes, Bella."
"Ohh.  Can we go to the library when we are done?"
 "Maybe, we'll see."
"Do you have my library card with you?"
"Yes, I have your library card."
"Do you keep it with you always always?"
" Yes," the mother shifted the weight of her son's car seat from one hip to the other.
"Is it my library card or do we share it?"
"It is your own library card."
"You mean we each have our own library card, they are separate?"
"Yes, they are separate."
"So I don't have to share mine with you at all?"
"No, you don't have to share it."
The little girl smiled with empowerment.

A few minutes later the little girl turned to her mom again.  "Mom, am I being good?"
"I am?"  More empowerment.

The waiting line continued to move forward and soon I was only a few people from the counter.
"Does rocking the package help?"
I turned around, "Excuse me?"
"Does it help rocking the package," asked the same lady who apologized for not bringing a table.
"Oh, I didn't realize I was rocking.  I think it is left over from when my kids were little.  They are older, but the rocking hasn't stopped."
The lady between us smiled in agreement.
Item Thumbnail
Farm Sweet Farm
My table owner smiled,  "I had forgotten so much about when my kids were little.  That was 48 years ago."  Her memories flitted across her face.


I stepped forward, "Hi, I'd like to mail these packages and I need a roll of stamps."  A few minutes later I was on my way home.

Where else but in a small town can you get a lesson in patience and a new acquaintance as well ?

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