Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quilting, Quilting, Quilting, part 2

My best friend, Dawn, has been quilting for years.  She made my wedding quilt and Arliss' and Travis' baby quilts.   About a year ago she began making a number of small hexagon pieces of fabric.  For Christmas this year she shared her treasures.  I am now addicted to English Paper Quilting.  In less than a week I have put together over 100 pieces.

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Item ThumbnailTo make the pieces is very easy if you are interested.  The hexagon is called a one inch hexagon; meaning each side of the hexagon is one inch long.   I take a piece of fabric and pin the hexagon to the back side of the fabric.   Once it is pinned I cut the fabric to a little larger than the hexagon.

Item ThumbnailItem ThumbnailI do a stitch that holds down each corner so that the fabric now fits the hexagon shape.  Once I finish I take out the pin.  After I have a number of these hexagons I whip stitch the edges together until I have a larger hexagon.
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Dawn gave me some "wild" fabric so that my pieces would pop with color.  I am not sure how large I am going to make this, but the idea that I could make it to be as big as I want or as small as I want is kind of liberating.

 I can make five a day or twenty-five a day.  It is fun and a great way to feel like I have accomplished something.
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If you are interested in starting your own Paper Piece Quilt go to Thumbnail

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