Thursday, January 20, 2011

Arliss and Travis are at it again!

I got a call from the school yesterday.  It seems that during Christmas break when we had the guinea pig for Arliss' class, a tin of pellets for his pellet gun fell into the bag of supplies.  Since it is against policy for the boys to bring ammunition home on the bus (for obvious reasons) I picked up the pellets and the boys from school today.
In a larger school I am certain that bringing ammunition, even accidentally, would have resulted in a serious disciplinary action.  Yet another reason to be grateful for small towns where the benefit of the doubt is given.
Other happenings during Christmas break included Andrew's dad coming for a visit.  He brought along one of our nephews, who is Arliss and Travis' age.  The boys each received a pellet gun or a BB gun from Grandpa.  Immediately after opening the presents and getting instructions about the do's and don't's of what and what not to shoot the boys were out the door.
The three cousins set up targets that they taped to cardboard boxes.  As the weather grew colder they went inside the barn, eventually the boys created a fort out of the bales of hay.
Item ThumbnailEarly in the morning, before anyone had a real reason to get up out of bed, the boys were out the door to improve their fort.
Item Thumbnail
By the time they were finished they had created a two story fort, using boards to support the sides and build floors between the levels.  For Christmas Arliss and Travis received compound bows from us, allowing for more fun in the barn.  We may never see them again.

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