Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Last Day of Christmas Break

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wooden box, now a cabinet

Today I decided to clean out the pump house.  The weather has been mild and I knew it wouldn't last, so I put on my new overalls, a flannel, a baseball hat with our farm logo on it, and found some work gloves.  The pump house is from my grandparent's farm, when they sold it in 1986, they moved it here.  It has housed extra cinder blocks, gardening stuff, and whatever else could fit in there.  Spring is a few months away and I knew if I didn't do it today, I wouldn't do it later.
Whenever something used to belong to my grandpa it is a given that one will find things repurposed.  Sure enough, I found a couple of things in the pump house that were not intended for the way he used them.  I have learned this is typical farmer behavior; if it can be reused in some other way, it will be.

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wooden traffic sign, now a shelf
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the "green" spoon

I arranged some cinder blocks and a few pieces of wood into a couple of work benches.  While I was moving things around I found my grandfather's initials.  It was not the first time I had found his initials on the walls of farm buildings.

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I also found a spoon covered in long dried green paint.  It is the same green color as the trim from Gramps' farmhouse.  I just hope it wasn't one of Gram's good spoons.
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my bucket of soil is under my work bench, ready for pots

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The lilacs are silk, just a way to keep the faith

When I finally finished there was order and I felt good.  I received my first catalog today, to me that is the first sign that spring will be coming.  The next thing I need to do is prune my fruit trees.  They are desperately overgrown and wild.  But that is another post, for another time.  Until then, keep the faith, spring is coming.

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  1. I have no idea how a road sign got in there. Fortunately it is an older model, usually the lost road signs were under the grainery. Not that I would have first hand knowledge.

    Did you find any airplane parts?