Saturday, January 8, 2011

Saturday Mornings

When I was in college I had a part time job at Cinnabon.  Yes, those amazing, sticky, gooey, you-don't-want-to-know-your-caloric-intake, cinnamon rolls.  Since then whenever cinnamon rolls come up in our kitchen my husband defers to my "expertise."  Never mind that it has been 15 years since I worked there, I still retain my experience; some of it is on my left hip, some is on my right....anyway, I digress.

On Saturdays my husband is at work all day so it's just Arliss and Travis.  I love the idea of making something special on Saturday mornings.  It marks that the weekend has begun.  Today I made cinnamon rolls.  I love the smell, the shape, the texture, all of it.
We have a food service wholesale store here that sells dough in bulk.  Usually the dough can be used for pizza making, which was last night; but today I used one of the dough balls to make the cinnamon rolls.

Item ThumbnailItem ThumbnailI pulled out my Pioneer Woman cookbook and found her recipe for cinnamon rolls.  Her recipe makes 40-50 rolls.  But I took some of her recipe and adapted it for my own.  I forgot to take pics of the dough as I prepared it but if you get her book you can see some of what I did.
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We don't keep powdered sugar in the house, instead we make it as we go.  With a coffee grinder I put in approximately 1/2 cup of granulated sugar, I grind the sugar until it is powdered.  Once I had enough sugar ground then I set it aside for the icing.  I put in melted butter, a little milk, and a few drops of lemon extract (part of the icing recipe from Cinnabon).  I also put in the juice of an orange to lighten the lemon taste.

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my smoky kitchen
When the rolls were almost done I noticed some smoke coming out of the back vent on the stove. Oops!  I had too much butter in the pan that mixed with the sugar and overflowed to the bottom of the stove.  Next time I will use a cookie tray to catch the drips.

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The culprit!!

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The icing had a wonderful color and texture, the lemon was a bit strong, note to self for next time, less lemon extract.  I am not the best about following directions, especially when I didn't have a recipe to start with.  Either way, the boys loved the rolls and so did I.  I have enough icing that I can save it for another batch.  In the meantime, I hope your Saturday is as wonderful as ours.
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wish you could join us....

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