Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 I went to visit a friend, who has agreed to show me how to knit.  Another dear friend gave me the tools to start, but unfortunately our schedules haven't matched so we could get together and knit.

So, after my friend did a quick cast-on, I began my lesson.  I have successfully knitted about one inch of my yarn into the beginnings of a scarf.  I am excited about how simple and repetitive the pattern is to follow.  I also had the chance to see the many beautiful things that my "teacher" had made.

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When I came home I had a wonderful surprise in my mailbox.  My cousin, who lives in Atlanta, sent me a portion of her sourdough starter.  Yippee for me!!  It survived the trip, partly due to the cold weather, as if it had been refrigerated.

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My "southern" starter

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My two starters, bubbling and brewing

Once I had it out of the package I read the note that was enclosed I fed the starter and set it next to my starter.  I can hardly wait to make bread out of my "southern" starter.  Thanks dear cousin!!  

If anyone is interested, check out her blog, www.The Fox, it's full of cooking and baking ideas.

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  1. Your Rocking Chair looks so inviting and I love your wallpaper. Charming! I haven't had starter dough in some years but had fun caring for it when I had it!