Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow, snow, snow

When the weather outside is five degrees above zero without windchill, it is hard to remember that spring is roughly seven weeks away.  I look at the four foot drifts and the mountainous snow piles in the store parking lots and think, where will all of this frozen water go???

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this snow drift is over 7 feet tall
My grandfather once told me that his dad hated snow.  I was in high school at the time and snow still meant snow days and ice skating on the frozen lake near my house to me.  I couldn't believe that great-grandpa had hated snow.  My grandfather told me then that he didn't have to wait until he was as old as his dad, he hated snow already.
It got me thinking, why would a farmer hate snow?  I figured it had to do with trying to care for the livestock, keeping the house warm, and just the brittle cold air that is outside.  I am an adult now and I can understand the way Grandpa felt.  But at 41, I still love the way the snow looks as it falls.  I love the way the snow brings on the feeling that Christmas will soon be here.  But when it snows in February and the temperature is in the single digits, what is there to look forward to?
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My dad's gooseneck trailer surrounded by drifts
I have decided that even when snow brings shoveling and sore shoulders for the effort, I will embrace it. If we don't get snow we won't have the necessary water for plants to grow in the spring.  If we don't have the cold, then the parasites and other garden eating bugs won't be killed off.  There are reasons for the snow.
Right now, it covers all of our farm and looks like the opportunity for a new beginning.  A blank canvas, if you will.  I don't ever want to hate snow like my great-grandpa, it has it's purpose; kind of like labor.  But that is a story for another day.
In the meantime I will be grateful for snow.  It means new things are coming.  I just don't get to see them yet.  What about you?  What does snow make you think of?  I'd love to know.
Until then,
Blessings, Gretchen

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