Monday, March 7, 2011

Border Patrol

This morning I let Rover and Rufus outside like usual.  Rover dashed across the yard into the corn field after a few starlings.  This is not too surprising, as he feels nothing is allowed in his yard without his approval.  After a moment by a tree, Rover was off again.  This time, he was off at top speed toward the geese he saw in the field.  Item Thumbnail

I know some may say it is cruel for the dog to chase the geese, but he is a Brittany; they are bred for hunting.  There were so many geese this morning as they rose up from the field I could feel the air pressure change when they flapped their wings to get off the ground.  The thumping sound of wind hitting wing was incredible.
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the field is clear now
Rover was not satisfied with the geese just leaving, he had to run the length of the field to make sure they would not land anywhere nearby.
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A tired dog, still watching the window for birds
After nearly 10 minutes Rover returned to the house, content that he had done his job fighting off any invaders.   Geese beware, your resting on in our field will not be tolerated.
Just another day, here on the farm.
With love from the goose chaser and me.
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As I wrote this, geese honked nearby.  Ever vigilant; Rover went to check it out.

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