Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cold Frames

It's March and that means some day we will have warm weather and it will be time to plant my garden.  To get a head start on my garden I wanted to start my seeds inside.  One of the ways I know to do that is to put my seedlings in a cold frame.  Unfortunately, I do not have a cold frame available, so in order to use one I would have to either buy one or make one.

Item ThumbnailI found an example of one through Design Sponge, using old windows.  I was in luck!  There are at least 20 different windows being stored out in the sheds until they are needed.  I set to work immediately.  Using whatever I could find here in the buildings including 3 pound nails my grandfather had brought out here years ago.
Item Thumbnail

I nailed the windows together to make the three sides of the cold frame.
Item Thumbnail

I found a window that had plexiglass in it for the bottom of the cold frame, that way everything was contained and no unwanted critters could get in from the bottom.

Travis found some boards in the barn that were on a slant, perfect for the top of the cold frame.  Obviously, the boards were not new ones.Item Thumbnail
Item Thumbnail
Item Thumbnail
almost finished

After we put the top on Travis helped to clean the windows.    Once the front was put on we put it on an old metal table frame against the garage.  It faces south so it will get the most sun.  The front window is on a hinge so it can be opened to adjust the temperature inside.  Item Thumbnail The cold frame is made from completely "found" items.  It looks a bit rustic, I know, but it is not intended for the red carpet, just for growing great vegetables for my garden.
Sending love and dreams of scrumptious vegetables,


  1. so cool! Have you read Jeavon's book on How to Grow More Vegetables? He's got a great recipe in there for potting soil. We used it on the farm - it was fantastic!

  2. Love this. Can't wait to see those veggies growing. Love ya