Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wind versus Metal Sheds

Our farm is surrounding by wide open spaces which makes for uninterrupted views and a sense of being lost in the prairie.  The wide open spaces also mean that when the wind comes, it can come with a vengeance.
We have had windstorms with such force that it tears off pieces of the sheet metal from the barns and sheds.  Last fall we had a portion come off of the barn door and another piece come off the shed where the round bales of hay are kept for the cows.
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Putting the piece back on the roof
This week we had mild weather, a hint of spring to to come, and I was able to get a piece replaced on the hay bale shed roof.  The piece was large enough that I needed to wait until a day without wind so I would not be knocked off the ladder or the roof itself.
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My view from the top of the ladder
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I replaced the wood so that the raccoons don't get in
This shed is on the east side of the barn yard and seems to get the brunt of the wind's force.  It may seem odd to be proud of putting things back together when they fall apart.  Then again, read my laundry day post from last week about making order out of chaos.  Sending love from the farm. oxox
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My view across the east hay field

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