Friday, March 11, 2011

YIPPEE for Laundry Day!!

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My Friendship Star wedding quilt
Today is Friday, therefore today is Laundry Day.  I love the process of laundry day; making order out of chaos, cleaning things that are dirty.  I even like the folding, not something I would have said in the past, but it's true.

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all of the pillows getting a fresh scent
As spring is finally approaching our weather is getting more and more mild.

Okay I live in the Midwest, mild is mixed with snow showers and pouring rain.  Today was mild so I took my quilts and aired them on the clothesline.  I also aired out our pillows.  After a long winter it will be so nice to crawl into bed under blankets that smell like spring.  You know the scent; cool, crisp, almost new.   The first promises of new growth, new opportunities, all of the things spring promises.
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Can you see the snow in the background?
I went to check on the cows and managed to get closer to them before Daisy Mae gave me a look that seemed more like a warning and a promise wrapped up in one.  One of the farmers told me that she has a lot of attitude.  I realized I might need to change her name to Bossie.  I watched Coal suckle from his mom.  It was kind of funny actually, as Coal kept head-butting his mother's udder to get to another teat.  I left him to his lunch and came back to the house to get mine.  
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They constantly tangle themselves in the bush on the left

Rufus and Rover spent most of the morning in the yard, tied to their tree.  Since Rufus has been wandering off a lot lately I decided the tree was best.
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Can't wait to see what they will be.

Knowing that we are changing our clocks ahead this weekend I looked around my flower beds to see if any plant had gotten the memo.  I was excited to find these.  

My evenings have been spent working on my English Paper Piece quilt.  I am so excited to watch it grow.  It is big enough now to keep me warm when I work on it.

I hope you have a great weekend.  
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The blanket underneath is crib size.

Sending love from the farm.  
Don't forget to change your clocks!! 


  1. At least crib size, hopefully big enough for napping. :)

  2. I'm really proud of how you've continued this quilt. It is beautiful