Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Day, Another Boy Adventure

slingshot |ˈsli ng ˌ sh ät|nouna forked stick, to which an elastic strap (or a pair of elastic bandsconnected by a small slingis fastened to the two prongs, typicallyused for shooting small stones.
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Arliss' slingshot
• [often as adj. the effect of thegravitational pull of a celestial body inaccelerating and changing the course ofanother body or a spacecraft.verb ( -shotting; past and past part. -shotor -shotted)forcefully accelerate or cause to acceleratethrough use of gravity [ intrans. the car would hit the first dip, then slingshot off thesecond rise [ trans. Jupiter's gravity slingshots the fragments toward Earth.

Travis and Arliss are among the most lucky boys I know.  They have BB guns, pellet guns, fishing poles, rope swings, forts, 160 acres, and now they have slingshots.  My dear mother, who knows her boys well, and is the mother of the ultimate Travis/Arliss combination, found the slingshots.

Before church this morning, the boys were outside testing the distance of the slingshots.  I made the rules clear before the first stone went into position.

1. no hitting your brother
2. no hitting the cows or any other animals
3. don't aim toward the house
4. SMALL stones out in the field only

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Travis goes for height
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Arliss goes for distance

The boys have been outside so much lately that the freckles have really come out.  Each boy has that cinnamon sprinkle across his nose. As a mother, there is nothing like seeing those freckles across my child's nose; it makes me want kiss each one.  But the boys will have nothing of it.

Arliss and Travis have disappeared again, taking their slingshots with them. I can only imagine what they will target, then again, maybe I don't want to imagine.

 Sending blessings from the farm.  Call before you visit though, I may have to confiscate items so you aren't caught in the crosshairs of the boys.  oxoxo

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