Friday, April 22, 2011

It's the Little Things

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When I got engaged the women in my family passed around a blank recipe book, filling it with their favorite/ most well known recipes.
I went through it the other day and found some of these recipes and helpful hints.

The recipe below is a HUGE favorite on my dad's side of the family.  My grandfather said that he wouldn't eat anything after he'd had Gram's Cherry Soup.  After all, if you've had the best, why eat anything else?
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This was my Gramps' favorite
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The ingredients include tallow and cans of lye
This soap recipe was written on a scrap of paper by my great-grandmother.  She passed away when I was only a few months old, but I feel like I have a part of her with this recipe.

The last "goodie" I found was a collection of helpful hints for the blushing bride.  My grandmother had been married to my grandfather for 61 years when I got married; I figure she knew what she was saying.  She is gone now, but her advice still stands.

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According to Gram, we should:  
1. Make him chocolate chip cookies
 2. Don't go to bed angry at one another
 3. Remember our vows
 4. Keep the check book

It's time to head into the kitchen and remember the wisdom of a fabulous woman.  
Sending love and the smell of warm cookies from the farm.

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