Monday, April 11, 2011

Running, Rushing, Whew

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Rocky (note her black eyes) and her calf
Spring is one of the busiest seasons on a farm and ours is no different.  Over the past few weeks things have been very busy and I haven't had the chance to sit and write it all down.

So, we have seven cows and seven calves now.  One Hereford, Bossie (formerly known as Daisy Mae),  and five more Angus/Hereford mix.  I have had to get pretty creative with naming them since they look a lot alike.  Our newest cows are Oreo and Rocky; their calves are all black, so I haven't even tried to name them.

Item ThumbnailEach morning after I put the dogs on their running line, I go check on the cows.  Arliss and Travis have been working hard to clean up the loose hay in the barn.  They drop it through the holes in the floor to the cows below, or out of the side door that looks out over the barn yard.  The side door has homemade finger holes to help pull it opened and closed.  The cows think the hay is a treat.
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looking out on the cow yard

Arliss took some boards from the storage room in the barn and made a bridge from one pine tree to the other.  He did a great job and even put in a rope railing for safety.  Item Thumbnail

This past weekend we had unseasonably warm temperatures so I started my herb garden.  After planting all of the seeds and watering them well, I put a sheet of plastic over them to create a greenhouse effect.  Our weather here can't make up its mind in April, so it's better to be safe than sorry.  I also made a sign proclaiming my plan.
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The chives have already taken off.

The E. brothers have been taking out the old fencing that leads from the cow yard to the back pasture.  The new posts and barbed-wire are waiting to be put in.
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shiny new barbed wire

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new and old fence posts 

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All in all, we have been busy, busy.  I am hoping to get things in the ground soon.  I am waiting for Mr. H. to come over to turn over my garden one more time.  In the mean time, I am enjoying my flowers as they begin to bloom. 

 I hope to be able to sit soon and appreciate it all.  But first, there is much to do.  

Sending love from the farm.  I'd send hugs, but my hands are dirty from digging in the dirt.  oxox

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