Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Saying Goodbye

There has been a feed store in our town since the 1890s.  As is typical of feed stores, it is located next to the train tracks, where it would be easy to load and unload products that were to be sold at the store.  My folks'  small town has a feed store. As a child I loved walking in there and imagining what I would buy if I ever owned a farm or some kind of livestock.
Unfortunately, as is common in growing towns old buildings must go.  There was talk among our town's Historical Preservation group to try and have it registered as a landmark, but the cost was prohibitive.  So, as I drive to my various destinations I look at the building as it is slowly and meticulously dismantled and wonder what it must have looked like in it's hey-day.
Who shopped there? What did they buy? Did they run into old friends and spend some time catching up with each other?
Item Thumbnail
The large grain bin can be seen in the "heart" of the building
Fortunately, a salvaging company has been hired and is taking great care to make available almost all of the building materials.  If you drove by the site you'd see the sign with contact information.  I have been trying to find legitimate reasons to buy some of the wood flooring, or posts, and bricks.
I hate "progress" like this. I felt the same way as I watched a company come in and dismantle my grandparents' centennial farm for hotels and restaurants.  I know it can be a necessary evil, but somehow it still feels just evil.
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The lumber waiting for a buyer
 Take a look around your town, what would you miss seeing if it were dismantled?  Take a picture of it, smile when you see it, and if possible frequent the business.  It might make a difference to someone, even you.
Until next time, love from the farm.


  1. That's sad. :-( I always feel the loss of historical items as if they were alive, with personalities and stories of their own. I have to remind myself that they're just material things and my memories is where they truly " live."

  2. Agree shoey... sometimes I don't really want to go back and look where my memories were created... I like to keep them just as they are in my mind, then they NEVER change!