Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Lovely Day

Today was sunny.  I know it seems silly, but April was a record-making rainy month here and I for one, am grateful for any sun we can get.
So in honor of the sunshine I cut the grass.  This was a big deal; it was the first cut of the season.  I have a walk-behind mower and a riding mower; unfortunately the riding mower is only riding, it's not mowing right now.  The blades will not engage when the deck is lowered.  So, I walked.
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The pink "berries" are baby pine cones.  The green in the back is grass waiting to be cut.
To those who live in the suburbs and can cut your grass in 45 minutes (front yard and back yard) walking isn't a bad thing.  For me, to walk and cut the grass means I am cutting and walking for 3 hours or more.  It is lovely if the weather is not too hot, but it is also time consuming. To pass the time I pray, I sing, and I plan the rest of the day.  I just need to remember to write down what I plan to do when I am done.  My to-do lists often get muddled or forgotten by the time I am done mowing.
Today I found a bird's nest that had been blown out of a tree, a vole trying to get away from the mower, and a bird egg.  The egg looked like a malted milk egg from Easter, but it was the real thing.  No baby bird, it too had been a casualty to the winds during April.

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Bossie and her calf, Moonbeam 
As I finished mowing I checked on the cows.  Hmmm, it was too quiet in the barn yard.  Yup, they decided the grass was greener and knocked over/ ran over a section of fence to get to the tasty green grass.  I made sure the gate was closed so they couldn't head into town and called the E. brothers to let them know what the cows had decided.

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There was no stopping the cows

I went back to mowing and came back about an hour later to check on the cows only to find them missing from the pasture.  Good grief!! I started to look for them in the cornfields, all the while thinking about what I would do when I saw them.  When I turned around to go get my car I found all of the cows were back in the barn.  Stinkers!!  As I glanced around the pasture I found one calf that hadn't heard that recess was over and was now stuck with the human and no mom to protect him.  Eventually he found his way into the barn with the rest of the cows and I closed up the hole in the fence.

With such a sunny day, I had a couple of loads of laundry on the line.  I have learned that doing a "laundry day" can be too taxing on the septic system so I now do a load every day or so.
The asparagus patch here was originally planted by the first owners of the house or their children.  I panicked last fall when I learned that I might have killed the plants when I cut down the overgrown patch.  Much to my relief I have over a dozen stems poking through.  To keep from running over them with the mower, I put a chicken-wire fence around it.

By the time my day was done, my yard looked great, my laundry was finished, the asparagus patch was safe, and my face was pinked by the sun.
All in all, a truly lovely day.  Tomorrow's forecast is rain.  Imagine that.

Sending love from the farm, pink cheeks and all.

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