Monday, May 9, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

Item ThumbnailThis weekend was Mother's Day.  I was surprised by a homemade present from Travis.  He has been working diligently out in the garage with power tools.  He made a wooden heart for me and painted it green, my favorite color.  Arliss gave me a clay bowl he made in art class, I loved my gifts.  The boys and I also put together a picnic table my dad made about 25 yrs. ago.  The pieces were all there, but it was a bit like doing a puzzle without the box top.  With trial and error we succeeded.

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my potato starter
Today I was up and ready to start my day well before 8 a.m.  My garden has been tilled by Mr. H., my neighbor, so I can start putting my plants in this week or next.  According to family tradition potatoes are supposed to be planted on Good Friday.  My dad told me how he remembered many a wet, cold, Good Friday out in the field with his father planting potatoes.  I didn't know about this tradition until Easter Sunday where with a smile, I was told it was too late to plant the potatoes now.  Gee, thanks.
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14 potato mounds
So, two weeks later, I planted my potatoes.  My dear friend, Abby, who grew up in Idaho, told me about starting the potatoes in a quart jar of water.  The potatoes rest just over the water with the bottom tip sitting in it.  If you've ever grown an avocado plant you know what I mean.
I marked my rows in the garden with a thin rope and built my mounds for the potatoes.  I finished planting the 14 potatoes just as the storm clouds rolled in.

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isn't the color amazing?

Item ThumbnailNext on my to-do list was to pick violets for violet syrup.  I found a blog that posted the recipe and I am excited to try it. If the recipe intrigues you here is the site:    I picked 2 quart jars of violets and will be starting the recipe when I finish posting here.  All of the picking turned my fingers a light purple color.

I love days like today; I made a new loaf of sourdough bread and it tastes terrific.  I have been tweaking the recipe I originally started with and have really made it my own.  I will make a separate post another time.
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yummy with butter and jam

The mail just came and I ran outside to get it, only to find 10 duck eggs scattered around the base of a tree.  We've been watching 2 ducks  roost in the trees around the farm, but I didn't think they would try to raise a family 20+ feet above the ground.  Unfortunately, 5 eggs were empty, two were opened, another cracked, and still 2 more were intact.  My husband grew up with ducks and geese and I am hoping the 2 eggs are not completely lost. I don't know how long they were outside on the ground.  I suspect a raccoon to be the initial culprit.

Whew, it isn't even 2 o'clock and I've already had a full day.  Here's hoping your week is wonderful and full of joy.

Sending love and violet kisses from the farm. oxox

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