Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Signs of Spring Continue

We've been busy here and I have not stopped long enough to let you know what we've been doing.  So, instead of cutting the grass I decided to share a few pictures.
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waiting for the cows to come over

We had the cousins here Sunday while my dad did some things to get his 1929 Dodge ready for summer. He also checked on his 1948 Farmall H tractor to make sure it was ready to go.  My 4 year old nephew heard the tell-tale sound of the tractor's chug-chug start and screamed, "TRACTOR!"  He immediately came running over to see if there might be enough gas/oil in the tank for a ride.  When Grandpa starts the tractor the rest of the world stops.

The cows were feeling friendly as well.  We took turns feeding them fresh grass and laughing when their rough tongues touched our hands.  Arliss described it best; "It feels like you rubbed your hand on concrete." Item Thumbnail

Other fun included the cousins taking turns swinging in the hay mow on the rope.  By the time Grandpa's to-do list was done, the kids were tired but wishing to stay longer.

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I took some pictures of the white trillium that grows near my maple tree.  It is such a shy kind of flower, very pretty though.  I also have thousands of violets growing in the grass, such a bummer to have to drive over them with the lawn mower.

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The bus just brought home Arliss and Travis,  it's homework time now.
Sending much love and wishes for spring.

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