Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

This past week has been busy, just as every week seems to be in the spring.  Last weekend the fields were planted; field corn in the back fields, soybeans in the rest.  The fences have been repaired and the bull, whom Travis has named Max, has been dropped off.
 Max is a massive animal.  His head is broad, like a small table, and his chest is the size of a refrigerator.  He is gentle, but he is still Angus.  Travis and Arliss have been warned not to go into the pasture with the cows, just to be on the safe side. I don't have a picture of Max yet, I forgot to take my camera when I went to see him.
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Moonbeam keeps trying to get close to see me, but not close enough to let me pet him.

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My two trusty buckets are on the right
I spoke with the oldest E. brother as the fields were being planted and he said that we really needed to get some rain.  I agreed. I have been taking two 5 gallon buckets to the garden to water the vegetables each day.  I don't mind the work, I figure I'll have best looking arms by the time the summer is done.

Well, no sooner did the crops get planted then the sky opened up.  It has been raining here on and off since Sunday, sometimes pretty heavy.  We have had nearly 6 inches and lots of wind as well.  I know we have been lucky compared to other areas of the Midwest and southern states.
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The sky Sunday night about an hour before the rain began.

School will be out within the next week and that means long days of bike rides, playing in the barn, and trips to the pond for Arliss and Travis.  We like to take a few days during the summer to go into the city to visit my aunt and see the sights as well.
There will be camping out in the tent, fishing with Grandpa, and fun with friends.  I love watching the boys discover and have new experiences in the freedom of summer.
Until then I will be emptying the de-humidifiers and checking the cellar for salamanders.  They tend to like the seeping that happens when it rains.

Sending love and rainy kisses from the farm.

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