Friday, June 10, 2011

Gardening Continues

During the past week our area, as well as many others in the nation, experienced extreme heat.  Our farm is lucky enough to have the added blessings of breezes, but the temps were still pretty high 94-96 Monday-Wednesday.  Our 100 year old farmhouse does not have air conditioning so we became pretty creative with fans, windows, and window shades.
I had the grass to cut and that meant 2 days of cutting.  As I have mentioned I use a push mower to cut the approximate 2 acres of grass that surround the house and driveway area.  Even though it is time consuming, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment when the grass is cut and the yard looks orderly.
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My tenderhearted Arliss
On Tuesday Arliss had a friend over and the boys hit the usual spots; the barn rope swing, the pond,  and the hose with cold well water to cool off with after a bike ride.  With a few strips left to cut Arliss handed me my iced sun tea and finished off the last of the mowing.  I love his heart, he knew I was tired and hot and he helped me.  God grow his heart continually.
On Wednesday, after my Bible study, I went to the garden to build up the mounds around my potato plants and broccoli and cabbage.  I planted the corn, pepper plants, and cucumbers I had started in the cold frame.
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Potato plants with rebuilt mounds and grass around the mounds

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Corn in rows with pumpkins
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Arliss with a tomato cage on his head
Travis and Arliss had fun getting 5 gallon bucket of water for me, if for no other reason than to play with and in the water.  They also brought tools to me in the garden and kept me company as I weeded.
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Water from the buckets to the wheelbarrow to the buckets
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Cool dogs
Our dogs, Rover and Rufus, needed help cooling off in the heat as well.  We have found a kiddie-pool works wonders.  Fill it with the cool well water and the dogs will figure out what to do next.  Rufus, our lab, cannot seem to remember that he is a water dog.  He does not like to lay down in the water. Rover, our brittany, needs no invitation though.

We are now experiencing a few cool days with major rain and that is good for the plants in the garden.  I hope your garden is growing quite well.  I am looking forward to eating some of our goodies when the day comes.
Sending love from the farm.

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