Thursday, June 23, 2011


It has been one year since our family moved to the farm.  It has been quite a wild ride over the last year. Some of the highlights have been:

1.Waking up when our bodies told us to, instead to the sound of someone's car alarm going off.

2. Watching the changing seasons in the trees and bushes.  The colors are amazing.

3. So many more birds to see and learn about; way more than the robins, cardinals, and blue jays in the suburbs.

4.  The sound of the wind as it whips through the trees and even feels like it is rocking the house.

5. Watching the new calves arrive with their mommas, each with its own attitude.

6. Adjusting to septic and well after a lifetime of city sewer and water.

7.  The sky each morning as it rises over the fields and each evening as it sets just over the hill.  Every single day has been different.
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8. Arliss and Travis as they have matured and grown.  This was their first year at a public school and they did very well.

9. The sense of discovery and adventure as I learn the various plants and their names.

10.  Learning how wonderful it is to wear overalls daily.  They are truly some of the most comfortable clothes ever!

11.  The cycle of seasons according to the farmer. The right time to plant, harvest, cut hay, rebuild fences, and always have time for a chat.

12.  The friendliness of a small town.  No rush, everything in its own time.

13.  The amazing sweetness of fresh peas right from the pea pod, eaten in the garden.

14.  The blessing of the simple.

I have loved seeing each season, each day, learning, appreciating, and being grateful for every breath.

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I am sending gratitude, joy and a blessing of simplicity today... may you find it too--wherever you live.

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