Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Around the Farm

I have been busy around the farm; taking walks with my mother-in-law, who lives with us, and exploring the various flora and fauna around the farm.  I have found many wild berries around the fields and they are now ripe and amazing.
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My mother-in-law found gooseberries behind the tree
 My cousin, Cindy and I spent many summers eating the raspberries at our grandparents' farm.  As soon as the berries were red or even pink in some cases, we were picking them and eating them.  I have picked about a cup of them from our bushes and have at least 2-3 cups left to pick.  I've washed them and frozen them so I can make jam with them later when it isn't so hot!
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My brother is on the F 12 and my dad is on the H
Over the 4th of July weekend my family traveled to southern Illinois to pick up a tractor.  It is a 1936 F 12 Farmall tractor, the same kind my great-grandfather and grandfather used when they farmed.  My dad already has a 1948 Farmall H, the same kind that Grandpa used as my dad grew up.  It was a lot of fun to travel together; 5 kids and 5 adults.
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My sister-in-law with one of the Belgians that stood 18 hands.
The farmer who sold it to my dad gave all of us a hay ride with his Belgian horses pulling the wagon.  The kids even had a chance to handle the reins for part of the ride.  The whole weekend was a lot of fun.
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Travis has the reins.  The farmer had old bench seats that he bolted to the wagon for us to sit on.
 Our dogs, Rufus and Rover, went on a walk with my mother-in-law and me the other day.  When they started panting I took them to the low spot in the field where the rainwater had collected.  The water had receded enough that the field around it became a mud bog.  Unfortunately, I did not realize this until the dogs and I had started getting sucked into the mud.  By the time it was over the dogs and I were covered in dark, black, silty mud.  Lesson learned.
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The dogs had recently been given a bath too!!

I hope you have a great July.  The first few days have been wonderful here.
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Sunset on the way home taken by Arliss.
Sending love and berry-stained kisses from the farm.

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