Monday, August 15, 2011

August on the farm

So, I'm beginning to think the months have become confused.  July was beastly hot and dry; I only had to cut the grass twice that month.  Now August has had cool nights and low 80's day temps.  July's temps were like August is supposed to be and August has been more like September.  What is up with that??

Arliss and I have been watching the garden a lot lately.  Sometimes I go a day or two without checking it, but he seems to check it daily.  I think he is just waiting for the pumpkin to be ready to pick.

We took the afternoon Sunday and went on a walk around the farm.  I have learned to take a basket, a pair of scissors and a paring knife when I go walking on the farm.

 Arliss brought a bottle of water and we were off.

 We walked around the cow yard and checked for the wild apples and nuts my mother-in-law and I found last month.

We found elderberries, hickory nuts, and apples that I cannot identify.  As we walked we checked the wild grapes for signs of that they were ready to pick.  We also found some more wild apples at the back of the fields and out by the pond.

On the way back to the house we also found what might have been currants in the same area my mother-in-law found gooseberries.

We passed the pear tree and found a few that were ripe as well.  By the time we came back we had a basket of all sorts of wild fruit.  We were tired but content with all we had found.

The wild grapes have a few more weeks and then I will be making grape juice and jam.  The apples that haven't been devoured by the Japanese beetles have been picked and the pears are getting closer and closer to being ready.

Today I made wild fruit jam and Travis made an apple pie from scratch.  I was so impressed as he measured and prepared the dough from scratch, rolling it out and getting the dish ready for the apples.  I cannot believe how quickly the pie was eaten by the family.  The pie dish is now drying in the dish drainer.

There are only seven days until school starts and I am not ready for summer to be over.  I have so loved having the boys home.  Watching them grow and discover and mature each day.

The best job I have ever had is the one I will never get a paycheck for--being a mom.

Happy last days of summer break..
with love from the farm.

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