Monday, August 1, 2011

Surprise, surprise, surprise!!!

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all grown from store potatoes that grew eyes
I cannot help but hear Gomer Pyle when I say the word surprise.  Gomer would have been very impressed with what I found today in our garden.
With all of the rain that the Midwest has received in the past week I went to check on the garden.  Between the heat and the rain it has been hard to get out there and check on the progress of my veggies.
This morning I took Arliss with me and we went to attack the crabgrass and see how the potatoes were doing.
Arliss dug carefully around the potato plants to see if we had any potatoes ready to bring to the house.  He was delighted to find so many large potatoes and I was pleased to see how careful he was to not damage the plants.
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such a yummy find!!  I hear homemade gyros calling!!
As I continued to clear the weeds I got to the cucumbers and found not 1 but 3 ready to pick cucumbers.  We were also impressed with how well the cucumber teepees were in keeping the cucumbers off the ground.
We cleared away the weeds from the tomatoes, carrots, and peppers and then moved on to the cabbage and broccoli.  Arliss was psyched to find a small zucchini growing on one of the plants.  It was a bit of a scavenger hunt through the crabgrass, but it was fun seeing how many things were truly growing.
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the smallest potato Arliss found
When Arliss went to check the corn and pumpkin plants he suddenly exclaimed, "Oh my gosh!!"  I looked over expecting to see him picking up a large garter snake.  He was frozen in place so I went over with my hoe to see if I needed to protect him.
There in front of him was a pumpkin, not a teeny one either, this one was bigger than a basketball, nearly the size of the half bushel basket we were collecting the potatoes and cucumbers in.  Item Thumbnail

"Can we pick it?" He asked with eager anticipation.
"Is it orange?"
"No," he answered dejectedly.
"Then we need to wait. When it's orange it will be ready," I chuckled as I watched his face decide that it would never turn orange.

He did decide it would be worth the wait if he could show Travis so he ran off quick as a rabbit to find his brother.  Even the quickly-turning-into-a-teenager Travis was impressed with the size of the pumpkin and all of other bounty.

Oh and if you hear a squeal of delight in October, just know it is Arliss whooping it up because the pumpkin is FINALLY ready.

Sending love and fresh cucumber kisses from the farm.

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  1. I LOVE the surprise of a pumpkin!!! Great pictures, Gretchen!