Saturday, September 3, 2011

Silent mornings on the farm

So, school has begun and life is more quiet during the day.  I miss Arliss and Travis while they are at school, they are quite fun to hang out with--even as young teenagers.

I took some of the quiet time I have had and decided to take pictures of the plants I have grown this year. The most exciting thing is the sunflowers that have grown; I put the seeds in the ground this spring and tended to forget them often.  The fact that they have grown and bloomed at all is due to their own tenacity.

mammoth sunflowers in the early morning sunshine

I have grown zucchinis that were bigger than Travis' calf and I had no idea until I uncovered them this week.  I have also had great success with my cucumbers and pumpkins.  It seems that any vine plant thrives in the garden.  My corn however, looks more like an Igor experiment gone wrong.  It did not pollinate the way it should have, therefore the kernels didn't mature.  Oh well, I guess I will have to try, try, again.

The pump house at early morning

black-eyed susan by my porch

Such a lovely sky Friday morning

Hostas in bloom

blanket flowers; they remind me of New Mexico where I met Andrew

Our herbs are growing quite well

My giant hosta has blooms that smell like lilies

This weekend we will see temperatures drop into the 60's and get a small taste of the changing seasons.  I can hardly wait.  Until then...

Sending love and sweet smells from the farm.

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