Tuesday, October 25, 2011

harvest season on the farm

It has been busy here as always.  The weather has been cold, warm, rainy, sunny, and all kinds of in between.  I have been taking as many pictures as possible but I haven't been able to write much about what has been happening since I started working part-time off the farm.
The calves are growing bigger and bigger.  The E. brothers are bringing grain in every other day or so to fatten up the calves before they go off to market.  The brothers have also bought 18 more cows so they will be sending the more "cantankerous" cows to market as well.  I am hoping that Bossy and Duchess aren't among those who are cut out for market.  Although I can name a few that I wouldn't mind going to market. Oreo tried to charge me last month when she thought I had come to close to the herd in the cow-yard.

My pumpkins have been gathered by Travis and some have gone under the knife to become jack-o-lanterns.  I love the creativity of my kids.  Their pumpkins were carved quite well and the seeds were roasted for snacks.
The red maple leaves have been incredible again this year.  I love the colors of the fall; it is my favorite season with winter coming in a close second.  I know most people love summer and spring, but there is something about the warmth and richness of fall.

Enjoy these pictures of the farm.  I love taking pictures here.  There are so many wonderful views.  Sending love and warm fall kisses from the farm. oxoxo

good morning sunshine

a beautiful morning here on the farm.
Early in the fall, the soybeans look like they are smeared with butter

Soybeans drying for harvest

Home-grown acorn squash!

even though the grass is available, being hand fed is always better.

the wading pool's last hoorah

The harvest is over and the machines are headed back to the machine shed.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

An early October afternoon

The past month has been busy here, which means blog writing has hit the back burner.  It doesn't mean that I haven't been writing blog entries in my head, it just means that I have not been writing them down.

The wind blows through the pine trees, sounding something like a child blowing over the top of a pop bottle.  I love the sound of the birds chirping and singing in the trees, the finches fly from thistle to thistle getting nectar from the waning plants.  The breeze is cool while the sunshine is warm, a perfect mixture for a sunny fall afternoon.

My garden has been modestly successful. The pumpkins have matured and Arliss and Travis each picked one today.
Arliss FINALLY gets to pick his pumpkin
Travis picks one of the many we grew this year

Sunflower seeds maturing

Another zucchini awaits it's fate as zucchini bread...

The mommas are doing well, chewing cud, lounging in the fall sunshine, just enjoying a lazy life. The calves are easily half the size of their mommas.

The mommas taking an afternoon nap
The soybeans are almost ready for harvest and the last hay has been rolled into the large bales ready for the cattle to eat in the winter.

I hope you enjoy some of the pictures from my early October afternoon.

This makes me think of the "Been farming long?" pictures

Sending love and pumpkin kisses from the farm,