Saturday, November 12, 2011

loving life

my favorite tree in the fall
I have taken a gazillion pictures of farm life lately.  The color of the trees, the farm machinery that has been around the farm, the cows, sunrises, sunsets, Arliss and Travis.  All sorts of stuff.

finished the harvest
With the fields being harvested our dogs have found more room to investigate.  Rover has found a critter hiding in the tall grass along the edge of the hayfield and it makes me crazy when he gets so focused on the critter that he cannot hear me calling him to come inside.

ten 5-gallon buckets of grain for the cattle
The cows are still here, which seems kind of late in the season.  The E. brothers come every other day to bring grain to the cows and check on them as well.  The calves grow bigger and stronger every day it seems.  I know better than to grow attached to them, but they are like my other pet animals in a way and I will be sad when they leave.

Fall is my favorite season of all.  I love the colors, the change in temperature, the anticipation of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The anticipation of seeing family, baking cookies and breads with my mom--all of this is wrapped up in the fall.
the same favorite tree

I have taken a lot of pictures so I will share them so you can see what I have been seeing lately.

Sending much love and glorious thoughts of falls past, present, and future.

colors and textures are some of my favorite parts of fall

this is a row of trees on a farm near ours

frost on the leaves, Thanksgiving comes soon

Sunrise 11-10-11