Sunday, January 15, 2012

As the deer

The tracks go from the tree on the left toward the sunrise

As I looked out the window this morning to see the sunrise I was surprised to find tracks in the field.  Last night's low was easily below zero and I would have thought animals would have hunkered down to stay warm.

Instead I found deer tracks in the field.  It looked like the deer even came up toward the house to look for any potential food source.  With our winter being so mild up until this past Thursday I'd think they were caught a bit off guard by the sudden change in weather.

I love this view.  I can never seem to get enough of it in the early morning light.

the tracks come from the woods 
I used to be a "night owl" when I was younger.  Now, mornings have become my favorite time.  Maybe it's the quiet of the house after Travis and Arliss leave for school, maybe it's the new morning sunshine warming my book room--I don't know.

 I do know, that if you look throughout my posts, you will find a number of the pictures facing east.

Happy Sunday to you.
Sending love and wintry kisses from the farm.

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