Friday, January 13, 2012


Winter arrived yesterday.  I was so excited, I still am.  The first flake came around 7:30 a.m. and it was officially snowing by 8:45 a.m.  This snow was very fine, easily blown from one place to another; which it did most of the day.

On a farm it's hard to record just how much snow fell, since the wide, open spaces lend themselves to be a freeway of sorts for the blowing snow.  I would say we have anywhere between 4-6 inches. However, due to the drifting there are the usual bare patches of ground right next to an 8 inch drift.  Welcome to farm country!

My dad recently gave me my grandfather's snowblower; a Ford ST 826.  It's old, it's huge, and if you forget to put it in gear when you try to use it, it is very hard to move.  Just sayin'.
Grampa's Ford ST 826

But, when you do remember to put it in "drive" it moves like a charm and does all of the wonderful things that a snowblower is supposed to do--without all of the bending, lifting, and overexertion that shoveling entails.

I am proud to say that I have officially used a snowblower for the first time,  following the step-by-step notes I took when my dad explained how to work it.  Including the very important step of closing the gas valve when I was done.

Today with the wind it is very cold, just in the teens with a high tonight in the single digits.  But I don't care.  The house is warm, there's knitting and quilting to be done and if need be I will go back out and clear a path again.  I can do that now, and it won't take 8 hours like it did last year during the blizzard (see my post in Feb. of 2011 for pictures).  It only took 45 minutes to clear the drifts and make a path to the cars.  WAHOO!  God bless the person who created the snowblower.

drifts next to bare places...with a pathway thanks
to my snowblower
Enjoy the pictures of my snowy wonderland and enjoy your winter.  Spring is coming ya' know-- the seed catalogs are already starting to come in the mail.

the old pump next to the barnyard

one of my favorite views near the machine shed

Sending rosy cheek kisses and love from the farm.

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