Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh say can you smell???

Rufus came to me last night to let me know he needed to go outside for one last time before bed.  I let the dogs out and a few minutes later opened the door to let them in only to be smacked with the smell of skunk.  EWWW!!

This is not the Pepe Le Pew kind of smell either; it is powerful, strong enough to overwhelm any other smell -- including the smell from the barnyard which I never knew I would prefer.

I do not know what happened... I do know that the dogs got a late night bath and I had to soak my pjs so that I could hopefully use them again after I washed them.

I Googled "skunk sprayed dogs" to see what was suggested.  Tomatoes believe it or not only mask the smell.  I found a recipe that used hydrogen peroxide and some other stuff to get rid of the smell.  The dogs got a bath with regular dog shampoo & ironically the smell is gone--I think it's because I got them washed immediately.

The smell outside was worse than a rotting onion.  It still smelled this morning when I went to check on the bulls.  My nose may take some time to get back to normal.

In the meantime, I am hoping the dogs learned their lesson.  Somehow I doubt that though.

Sending you love and clothes-pinned nose kisses from the farm!

Friday, February 24, 2012

New day, new snow

to the east, one big blanket of white
Our area was hit with snow in the last 16 hours.  We have the heavy, wet snow that doesn't drift as much this time.  Approximately 6 inches lays on the ground now, with some snow still coming down.  Yesterday afternoon the flakes were the size of potato chips, truly an amazing sight.
This morning the farm is covered as if by a big down quilt, the cars are quiet as they drive by on the road and it's peaceful everywhere I look.

Rufus and Rover can't decide whether outside where the terrain is different is better than inside where their paws are warm.  Ahh, the dilemma of a dog's life.
Have a wonderful weekend.
our dear pump house
Sending snowy love and kisses from the farm.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Only 6s and 7s

6 & 7 or "sechs" and "sieben" in German
Rufus and Rover have been smelling like "Eau de Bovine" lately, so I went to check on the gates to see if the dogs had room to get underneath. When I checked the gate it rattled a bit.  As I turned to walk away I heard a steady clomping sound.  I turned back to the gate only to see the two bulls running toward it.  I stepped back hoping they would have the sense enough to stop or I was going to be experiencing my own "running of the bulls" very soon.
corn on the ground for a snack
After I saw that the two bulls stopped I went to talk to them.  As I learned last year, talking to the cows and getting them to recognize my voice is key to making sure they know I am safe.
The bulls number tags in their ears are #6 and #7.  They are quite beautiful or would it be handsome?  I found a 5 gallon bucket with corn in it that the E. brothers had left for the bulls.  I took a cup or two and brought it to the bulls.  I know how to feed horses (palm flat) but was unsure about the bulls.  So, I sprinkled the corn on the ground and they quickly ate it.
Quite a wild experience altogether.
This weekend when my family came to celebrate Arliss' birthday I took a few pictures of the cousins checking out the bulls.
littlest cousin wants to pet the bulls

Sending love and wishes for spring from the farm. oxox

littlest cousin snuggling Rufus after a long day playing

Sunday, February 12, 2012

shhh, a day of Rest

This week has been busy in the usual way: school, work, Bible study, prayer group, etc.  Travis had his school Science Fair this weekend, we had a snowstorm this Friday that blew and blew.  The accumulation isn't much, but the cold that settled in after the storm left has reminded Travis and Arliss that coats are actually necessary!
orange walls as the sun comes up

This morning I woke up before the rest of the house to find the sun shining over the tree tops at the edge of our property and it promised to be a beautiful morning.
The coffee is percolating as I write this and the house smells wonderful from the roast my dear husband put in the crock pot overnight.    
sunrise  through the condensation on the window 

A wonderful way to start a Sunday morning.  I hope this day gives you rest, the joy of family time, and the reminder that blessings are all around you... just open your eyes and see!
the bright promise of a new day

a glorious Sunday mornin

Sending love and coffee kisses from the farm.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Quiet days

February is not very busy here on the farm.  There isn't any snow on the ground although it is cold.  It is too early to do any kind of planting, but my mother-in-law, husband, and I have talked about starting some terrariums to grow herbs, etc.  

Rufus thinks Rover is a good pillow

Otherwise, there are still two bulls, no cows or calves.  The fields are resting and so are the dogs.  

the dogs resting from their run outside

When I woke up this morning the sun had painted the walls that amazing pink/orange that only comes from a sunrise.  I thought I would share some shots I took while standing outside in my pjs in the cold.  One time I am glad there was no snow on the ground under my bare feet. 

Sending love and lazy kisses from the farm.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Another day, another bull

Today was cold, foggy, and mystical.  My friend calls it English fog.  I took some pictures of the farm and the hoar frost on the plants across from the farm.
When I came home from a meeting I could tell someone had been at the farm just before me.  I drove to the barnyard and found we had yet another bull.  Still no cows and calves.
I hope you enjoy the pics.

frosty goldenrod

my favorite shot

"getting to know you"
Sending love and mystical foggy kisses from the farm. oxoxo

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

first critter arrives!

not a momma!
So the E. brothers drove up the driveway today.  Rover and Rufus went berserk barking and barking before I realized that we had company.  I quickly called the dogs into the house and waited.
The truck and trailer pulled up to the barn and the middle E. brother started to "kick the tires" (chat) with the driver of the truck.
I waited until they unloaded the cattle and then went out to the barnyard to greet my first "momma" of the year. Then I saw what had been delivered was not a momma but a young bull.  A beautiful Angus.  I watched as he eyed me warily unsure of yet another human.  I called to him but he walked away, having had enough of humans for the day.
As I watched our new arrival I smiled as he walked the perimeter, checking out what seemed familiar and what was not.  He sniffed at the trough that smelled of grains long eaten by last year's cattle.  He looked over his shoulder to see if I was still there and went into the barn.
Not to be ignored I went to the front access doors of the barn and watched him through the 4- inch gap in the door.  He came near and smelled the air to check my scent.  Not believing I was worth much to check out he walked away.
I snuck into the barn to snap a few pictures of him.  I watched him carefully check out new places, rooting around near lumber and old pipes stacked against a wall.
I decided that his name was Punk.  I am sure the Arliss and Travis will want to change his name which will be fine.  But for now, our young bull is Punk.  A young, handsome, punk of a bull.

I am hoping that soon the cows and calves will arrive. I love how tiny the calves are in the late winter/ early spring and how as they grow they start to assert themselves.

Enjoy the pictures.
Sending love and hopes for cows and calves from the farm.