Wednesday, February 1, 2012

first critter arrives!

not a momma!
So the E. brothers drove up the driveway today.  Rover and Rufus went berserk barking and barking before I realized that we had company.  I quickly called the dogs into the house and waited.
The truck and trailer pulled up to the barn and the middle E. brother started to "kick the tires" (chat) with the driver of the truck.
I waited until they unloaded the cattle and then went out to the barnyard to greet my first "momma" of the year. Then I saw what had been delivered was not a momma but a young bull.  A beautiful Angus.  I watched as he eyed me warily unsure of yet another human.  I called to him but he walked away, having had enough of humans for the day.
As I watched our new arrival I smiled as he walked the perimeter, checking out what seemed familiar and what was not.  He sniffed at the trough that smelled of grains long eaten by last year's cattle.  He looked over his shoulder to see if I was still there and went into the barn.
Not to be ignored I went to the front access doors of the barn and watched him through the 4- inch gap in the door.  He came near and smelled the air to check my scent.  Not believing I was worth much to check out he walked away.
I snuck into the barn to snap a few pictures of him.  I watched him carefully check out new places, rooting around near lumber and old pipes stacked against a wall.
I decided that his name was Punk.  I am sure the Arliss and Travis will want to change his name which will be fine.  But for now, our young bull is Punk.  A young, handsome, punk of a bull.

I am hoping that soon the cows and calves will arrive. I love how tiny the calves are in the late winter/ early spring and how as they grow they start to assert themselves.

Enjoy the pictures.
Sending love and hopes for cows and calves from the farm.

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