Friday, February 24, 2012

New day, new snow

to the east, one big blanket of white
Our area was hit with snow in the last 16 hours.  We have the heavy, wet snow that doesn't drift as much this time.  Approximately 6 inches lays on the ground now, with some snow still coming down.  Yesterday afternoon the flakes were the size of potato chips, truly an amazing sight.
This morning the farm is covered as if by a big down quilt, the cars are quiet as they drive by on the road and it's peaceful everywhere I look.

Rufus and Rover can't decide whether outside where the terrain is different is better than inside where their paws are warm.  Ahh, the dilemma of a dog's life.
Have a wonderful weekend.
our dear pump house
Sending snowy love and kisses from the farm.

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