Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh say can you smell???

Rufus came to me last night to let me know he needed to go outside for one last time before bed.  I let the dogs out and a few minutes later opened the door to let them in only to be smacked with the smell of skunk.  EWWW!!

This is not the Pepe Le Pew kind of smell either; it is powerful, strong enough to overwhelm any other smell -- including the smell from the barnyard which I never knew I would prefer.

I do not know what happened... I do know that the dogs got a late night bath and I had to soak my pjs so that I could hopefully use them again after I washed them.

I Googled "skunk sprayed dogs" to see what was suggested.  Tomatoes believe it or not only mask the smell.  I found a recipe that used hydrogen peroxide and some other stuff to get rid of the smell.  The dogs got a bath with regular dog shampoo & ironically the smell is gone--I think it's because I got them washed immediately.

The smell outside was worse than a rotting onion.  It still smelled this morning when I went to check on the bulls.  My nose may take some time to get back to normal.

In the meantime, I am hoping the dogs learned their lesson.  Somehow I doubt that though.

Sending you love and clothes-pinned nose kisses from the farm!

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