Monday, February 20, 2012

Only 6s and 7s

6 & 7 or "sechs" and "sieben" in German
Rufus and Rover have been smelling like "Eau de Bovine" lately, so I went to check on the gates to see if the dogs had room to get underneath. When I checked the gate it rattled a bit.  As I turned to walk away I heard a steady clomping sound.  I turned back to the gate only to see the two bulls running toward it.  I stepped back hoping they would have the sense enough to stop or I was going to be experiencing my own "running of the bulls" very soon.
corn on the ground for a snack
After I saw that the two bulls stopped I went to talk to them.  As I learned last year, talking to the cows and getting them to recognize my voice is key to making sure they know I am safe.
The bulls number tags in their ears are #6 and #7.  They are quite beautiful or would it be handsome?  I found a 5 gallon bucket with corn in it that the E. brothers had left for the bulls.  I took a cup or two and brought it to the bulls.  I know how to feed horses (palm flat) but was unsure about the bulls.  So, I sprinkled the corn on the ground and they quickly ate it.
Quite a wild experience altogether.
This weekend when my family came to celebrate Arliss' birthday I took a few pictures of the cousins checking out the bulls.
littlest cousin wants to pet the bulls

Sending love and wishes for spring from the farm. oxox

littlest cousin snuggling Rufus after a long day playing

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