Sunday, February 12, 2012

shhh, a day of Rest

This week has been busy in the usual way: school, work, Bible study, prayer group, etc.  Travis had his school Science Fair this weekend, we had a snowstorm this Friday that blew and blew.  The accumulation isn't much, but the cold that settled in after the storm left has reminded Travis and Arliss that coats are actually necessary!
orange walls as the sun comes up

This morning I woke up before the rest of the house to find the sun shining over the tree tops at the edge of our property and it promised to be a beautiful morning.
The coffee is percolating as I write this and the house smells wonderful from the roast my dear husband put in the crock pot overnight.    
sunrise  through the condensation on the window 

A wonderful way to start a Sunday morning.  I hope this day gives you rest, the joy of family time, and the reminder that blessings are all around you... just open your eyes and see!
the bright promise of a new day

a glorious Sunday mornin

Sending love and coffee kisses from the farm.

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