Friday, March 23, 2012

Comings and Goings

Today is a misty, cool morning. The mourning doves are cooing, birds are chirping in the trees. The rains have come through, dropping the temperatures by 20 degrees or so-- quite a change from the 80+ degrees our area has experienced this past week or so.

The cousins had a great time last weekend.  There was much running, playing and as predicted--shenanigans.  My little nephew was so tuckered out that he just lay down and went to sleep--no pillows or blankets required.

The E. brothers, Mike and Dave, came up the drive this morning bringing a trailer behind.  Our first cow and calf arrived!!  As they left I noticed the trailer had a black head in it.  Boo!  They took Sechs and Seiben with them.  I had so much fun with those two young bulls, actually getting them comfortable enough to get their head scratched by me.

I went out to the barnyard and found our new momma and child.  Momma has an Angus shaped head, with a beautiful curly white colored face.  Her baby is black and white, similar to Moonbeam's shading.  I have to decide their names.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of our day.
my first daffodil

a friend gave me the daffodils from her yard;
 love them against the plates
Sending love and misty kisses from the farm,

Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Rainy Saturday Morning

Today the cousins are coming to the farm--it is the highlight of this week!  There will be much laughter, talking-over-one-another and out-and-out shenanigans.

As I looked outside the sky was blackening to the west and soon Arliss was outside making a tarp into a lean-to.  I love his creativity.  He has a very gentle heart, a sweet tenderness with the animals and a way of seeing the world through brighter eyes than most.

Travis has been busy working in the shed lately.  He has made a box for his magazines, a "Fort Knox" box for his money and is presently working on 3 different projects; a hat rack, a side table, and a pull-up bar.  I love how his mind works too.  It's analytical, just like his dad, always looking for ways to take things apart and put them together in new ways.

I am blessed. I don't deny it--not ever.  I know what I have and I am grateful.  Enjoy the pictures of Arliss' lean-to tarp.

Sending you love and rainy-day kisses from the farm.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is it really March??

morning sky
Today's weather feels more like June than March.  In fact the weather man said that we should expect the temperature to stay in the 70s all week.  Really??

Well, it was nice enough to sleep with the windows open last night and I loved it.  The loons and geese flew by in the night and you could hear them calling to one another.  The coyotes were calling last night as well.  I woke to the sound of them yipping and yapping so close I would have thought they were next to the house.
I had just spoken with the E. brothers, Dave, and Mike, yesterday about Travis' and my coyote sighting last weekend.  We agreed that it was not a good sign for the young calves that were due to come "summer" here.  We discussed what could be done and what should be done, but agreed there was no fast fix.

After hearing the coyotes last night I was sure I was going to find one of the bulls down this morning.  But yahoo, Sechs and Seiben were just fine.  Eating their hay by the cool side of the barn acting as if no threat had even come near them.

As I approached the gate to take a picture Sechs came up to check me out, as usual I held out my hand for him to smell.  He rubbed his head against it instead.  Taking the cue I started to scratch the nub where his horns would grow from and found he was quite content.  As I continued to scratch he continued to offer new places; behind his ears, the bridge of his nose and breadth of his forehead.  Soon I was scratching his neck and he would occasionally change locations for me.
right there, behind the ear
I think he would have stood there until my arm fell off.
his "nub" is worn from rubbing
Finally it was time to go into the house to get ready for some errands in town.

As my mother-in-law and I drove by the Angus farm near us, we stopped to take a

picture of a giant snapper, sunning him/herself by the roadside.  So impressive! And not intimidated by me at all!  The snapper turned full-face toward me, ready to challenge if I got too close.
"You talking to me?"
A few pictures and we were off.  As we drove by later there was no sign of it so we hope it went toward the pond on the other side of the fence.

All in all a beautiful day on the farm.

Sending love and kisses from a sun-kissed face...

oxoxo from the farm

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Close encounters

Last night the boys and I went out into the field to look at the stars.  The moon looked like a big wheel of cheddar as it rose.  It was just incredible.  We saw Orion, not just his belt, but Orion, his belt, and his bow. We also recognized the big dipper, which was standing on its handle.  There were other constellations that were familiar but I couldn't remember their names.

As we stood there we heard coyotes yipping and howling far away on our right.  We decided we better pay attention in case they got closer.  All of a sudden from our left we heard coyotes that sounded a whole lot closer.  I told the boys to hustle for the house, as coyotes make Arliss a bit uncertain--not fully afraid, but definitely not something he will mess with.

Travis went into the house and came back with a flashlight and we walked up to the old goat house and shined the light toward the south hayfield and cow yard.  We gasped as we saw at least 8 sets of eyes looking toward us.  The longer the light was pointed in their direction the more I saw other sets come and go.
We decided it was time to go inside when the coyotes started to come under the fence into the open field.

Today being Saturday and beautiful Arliss and I went shoot a few hoops.  He is quite good!  We checked on Sechs and Seiben and then took Rover on a walk.

As we started back for the house Arliss noticed something black and white about 20 feet ahead of Rover.  We thought it might be a piece of plastic and then in moved.  It was a skunk!  Immediately we called Rover to us and encouraged him to run in the opposite direction.  Thankfully, Rover complied.  Danger averted!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Full of family, sunshine and fun.

Sending love and sunshine kisses from the farm!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

In like a lion....

Well March sure came in with a fury!  Today the winds are blowing as if Aslan himself were roaring.  My mother-in-law and I opened some strategic windows to get in "new" air and while we were chatting we heard the sound of metal being blown around.
At first I thought it was the metal lid to a garbage can and then I looked out into the field.  There was a 4 ft. x 6 ft. piece of metal sheeting from the shed where we keep the rolls of hay.
the roof piece I repaired last March
I muttered to myself as I went to get boots and work gloves, I had repaired this shed last March and now it appeared that my work would have to be done twice.
As I walked to the metal sheeting I looked over at the shed where it should have been.  It wasn't from the roof like I thought.  The closer I got the more I saw the pattern.  This piece was from the south side of the shed.  It had been blown over 100 feet away.
I picked up the piece to bring to the north side of the shed where it is protected from the blowing wind.  The wind had other ideas.  It yanked the piece out of my hands-quickly I put my hands over my head to protect myself and waited.  The wind took the sheeting 50 feet past where I had originally picked it up.
the southwest side of the shed
I muttered some more and went back for the sheeting.  I knew it could blow clear into the road if I didn't get it.
This time I pulled it behind me like a child's sled and managed to get it to the north side of the shed.  I walked around the shed looking for the place it had originally been hanging.  Sure enough it came from the southwest corner of the shed.
I walked around the rest of the buildings to make sure there weren't any pieces flapping in the breeze.  Thankfully, it is the only piece.

Tomorrow's agenda:  fix the sheeting.

In the meantime, we've started some herb seedlings and we're waiting for the cows and calves.  The bulls, Sechs and Seiben, were hunkered down in the far end of the barn away from the wind.  I am hoping to see the trailer with cows and calves come up the driveway any day now.

Happy Winds-day, sending love and battened-down kisses from the farm!