Saturday, March 10, 2012

Close encounters

Last night the boys and I went out into the field to look at the stars.  The moon looked like a big wheel of cheddar as it rose.  It was just incredible.  We saw Orion, not just his belt, but Orion, his belt, and his bow. We also recognized the big dipper, which was standing on its handle.  There were other constellations that were familiar but I couldn't remember their names.

As we stood there we heard coyotes yipping and howling far away on our right.  We decided we better pay attention in case they got closer.  All of a sudden from our left we heard coyotes that sounded a whole lot closer.  I told the boys to hustle for the house, as coyotes make Arliss a bit uncertain--not fully afraid, but definitely not something he will mess with.

Travis went into the house and came back with a flashlight and we walked up to the old goat house and shined the light toward the south hayfield and cow yard.  We gasped as we saw at least 8 sets of eyes looking toward us.  The longer the light was pointed in their direction the more I saw other sets come and go.
We decided it was time to go inside when the coyotes started to come under the fence into the open field.

Today being Saturday and beautiful Arliss and I went shoot a few hoops.  He is quite good!  We checked on Sechs and Seiben and then took Rover on a walk.

As we started back for the house Arliss noticed something black and white about 20 feet ahead of Rover.  We thought it might be a piece of plastic and then in moved.  It was a skunk!  Immediately we called Rover to us and encouraged him to run in the opposite direction.  Thankfully, Rover complied.  Danger averted!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Full of family, sunshine and fun.

Sending love and sunshine kisses from the farm!

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