Friday, March 23, 2012

Comings and Goings

Today is a misty, cool morning. The mourning doves are cooing, birds are chirping in the trees. The rains have come through, dropping the temperatures by 20 degrees or so-- quite a change from the 80+ degrees our area has experienced this past week or so.

The cousins had a great time last weekend.  There was much running, playing and as predicted--shenanigans.  My little nephew was so tuckered out that he just lay down and went to sleep--no pillows or blankets required.

The E. brothers, Mike and Dave, came up the drive this morning bringing a trailer behind.  Our first cow and calf arrived!!  As they left I noticed the trailer had a black head in it.  Boo!  They took Sechs and Seiben with them.  I had so much fun with those two young bulls, actually getting them comfortable enough to get their head scratched by me.

I went out to the barnyard and found our new momma and child.  Momma has an Angus shaped head, with a beautiful curly white colored face.  Her baby is black and white, similar to Moonbeam's shading.  I have to decide their names.

In the meantime, enjoy the pictures of our day.
my first daffodil

a friend gave me the daffodils from her yard;
 love them against the plates
Sending love and misty kisses from the farm,

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